Category: Fools in Congress

  • gun rights insanity

    It would have been UN thinkable only a few years ago for anyone to attempt to take advantage of the grief and sorrow of a tragedy and horrible event where innocent men and woman lost their lives. However those that seek gun control apparently do not care about the loss of life and the horrible […]

  • Harry Reid forgets?

    Recently Harry made the news when he attempted to tell the entire world that everyone that said they experienced Obama Care problems were Liars.  Why do we have these people in office, they would likely be happier in a home anyway, so why do they just keep on, when they so long ago stopped representing […]

  • S 815 Do we need this?

    In an age when we have a congress that is allegedly so corrupt that they make deals like this one. But when you actually READ, this bill what is it and what good is it? Everything in this Bill is already covered by the EEOC.   Everything, there is nothing new in this bill that […]