Georgia ready to seize guns

In a little known news item that is picking up steam is several Democrats, AKA, The bill–HB 731–is sponsored by Mary Margaret Oliver (D-83rd), Stacey Abrams (D-89th), Carolyn Hugley (D-136th), Pat Gardiner (D-57th), Dar’shun Kendrick (D-93rd), Dee Dawkins-Haigler (D-91st). HB 731 on its face is just insane. Why not pass a law that forbids Gangs […]

What About Bush?

Over the last few weeks the 2016 presidential race has been heating up… You know that the Media are getting ready for BUSH… They hates him….    LOL… Its really comical right? A little… The thing is why Is the Media Picking a side? Think about that for a moment… Why are they so intent […]