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  • Whoppi Race Card?

    Well you just never know or do you, the idea is that everyone is a racist but in politics people are bound to disagree, is that not just part of what it means to be human, it is not always about race. So why is it so easy to do this?

  • Gun Bans will not help

    In so many ways we can learn from this, yet, for the most part since Prayer was taken out of schools we have seen a steady increase in violence, is it a coincidence? What happened this Saturday was a tragedy but it could have been prevented had they only had a minimal security detail. That…

  • Calm act passes, but did it make a difference?

    So have you noticed any difference? Well Calm act has been passed, it took over a year to do it, but finally it is done, but are TV producers doing anything about it yet? TV viewers, rejoice: You’ll no longer get blown out of your seat by the difference in volume between the television program…