Pandering Political Pundits

Pandering is not really a nice word but that does not seem to stop all of these so called Washington Insiders from constantly trying to defeat Donald Trump… That is really interesting because so far it has not worked well for them. (Many of them are now Former Politicians) When you hear the media crying […]

Email Gate Clinton Scandal?

Is Email Gate, a Scandal? Well, Yes, it is, not just because she broke the laws of the United States of America, but also because she destroyed Government property. She admits that she destroyed some 30,000 Emails. This is a huge problem, forget for a moment that it was illegal and unethical. WE can forgive […]

Chris Wallace Unfair and Un ballanced?

So the real question here is Fox news a real news company? or are they just as biased and slanted as the other media groups that perhaps don’t make as much money as fox does? This guy seems to favor the liberal view, but Fox loves to say how fair and ballanced that they are, […]