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Pandering Political Pundits

Pandering is not really a nice word but that does not seem to stop all of these so called Washington Insiders from constantly trying to defeat Donald Trump…

That is really interesting because so far it has not worked well for them.

(Many of them are now Former Politicians)

When you hear the media crying about how Donald Trump has done this or Donald Trump has done that it makes me want to cheer.

Want to know more…

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Email Gate Clinton Scandal?

Is Email Gate, a Scandal?

Well, Yes, it is, not just because she broke the laws of the United States of America, but also because she destroyed Government property.

She admits that she destroyed some

30,000 Emails.

This is a huge problem, forget for a moment that it was illegal and unethical.

WE can forgive that right, sure, you know that democrats would do that for a republican right?

Right? ¬†Ok, well probably not then…

What would they be doing if it were a Republican that was looking to run for the highest office in the land?

The media right now would say that he or she was not qualified to be president, they would be saying that it was a felony and anyone with a felony would not be qualified to be president, You know it and they know its the truth.

But lets forget the double standard that most of the spurious media pursues on a daily basis, Lets forget that.

The real question here is can we trust a person that would do something like this and also what about the four Men who died while this same person was in office?

What about that?



How men died waiting on a rescue that would never come…

Men died under the watch of this woman…

Is that the kind of president you want?

We think about many things when we elect a president, most people want things to change in Washington that is why America Elected President Obama, they wanted to see change.

They were disappointed, because they were expecting great things but what they got was more of the same thing, we know what to expect from this candidate and the implications are something that we cannot afford to take a chance on.

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Chris Wallace Unfair and Un ballanced?

So the real question here is Fox news a real news company?

or are they just as biased and slanted as the other media groups that perhaps don’t make as much money as fox does?

This guy seems to favor the liberal view, but Fox loves to say how fair and ballanced that they are, but if Chris is not fair how can fox be fair?

Can we not do better than these liberals, can we not really be a reporter or is it beyond the intelligence and ability of people like this guy?

I have to wonder about Chris because it often seems like he talks down to people, at least that is the impression I am left with like he thinks we not smart enough to figure out that his comments are arrogant, and often biased.

Is Chris Wallace a fair man?

Is Fox news really Fair and Balanced?

Inquiring minds want to know because it looks like he is anything but fair, in fact it really looks like he is very biased in favor of one political candidate.

Why is it that Chris cannot stick to the regular fox news format?

Instead he seems bent, and some might say Hell bent, on pushing the liberal view point to the breaking point.

In a recent interview, and in fact several interviews, Chris has engaged in the liberal view point, several times, badgering the interviewee, it seems like the guy is just a liberal mouth peice, at least that is how it seems, it is fairly obvious when you look at the guy and the way he interviewed Palin, the guy just is a liberal, but should not he say that he is biased?

Because Fox news says they are fair and balanced, and Chris Wallace is anything but.
So often you see these old guys and you wonder if they are just biased or if they are intentionally dense.