Category: bill orielly

  • Fox Gets Black Eye

    If you watched the Fox News Debates, you saw some Nasty Questions.  Really horrible questions. Mean Questions. Why? What does that have to do with the election?

  • Constitutional Freedom of the press

    What is happening in Washington. Can congress do anything at all?

  • Media Bias

    The Media does not like the tea party, no surprise there as it has long been established that the media is not really that impartial in its reporting of the news, however it begs the question that should be something everyone is talking about, which is how can the media only present one side of…

  • Media Assination?

    Is Fox news a real news company? Are they fair and ballanced? Is the media influencing the way the public views facts not in evidence? Are media producers intentionally attempting to influence how the public sees a Court Case?  

  • Judge Bill orielly

    Amazing stuff, but did Bill orielly really sit as judge when he knew little or nothing about this case? You have to wonder about the situation because this is what is killing America this Bias in the media. And it is on both sides, Shame on Bill orielly for his negative coverage of this trial.…