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  • Was the Democratic National Convention a success or not?

    There are some indications that the choice of venue for the DNC this year was not really well developed. However it is something of a misnomer to think that they just were unable to energize their base

  • Arnold, and the end of days movie.

    With the prediction of the end of days, being the result of an elderly man who allegedly is likely senile, much of the media is contending in ways that would seem to be hostile to all Christians, which is sort of disappointing. Really I guess with everything that is going on in the world when […]

  • Shut down Washington

    Is it time to Shut them down and Vote them out of office? This is the time to figure out what the deal is… Time to figure out who is telling the truth and who is a liar… If this is not the hope and change you voted for it is time to vote them […]

  • shut down of 1995

    So wait this is not the first time this has happened, but do we not know our own history? Or is it due to faulty reporting by so called fair and balanced reporters? So what is up with the lack of coverage on this topic? Why is the Media not covering this news story, is […]

  • Is this the end?

    Will we survive a Government shut down, some say yes, others say no, but if history has anything to say about it, we know this has happened before, so what is up with all the fear mongering, and who is really at the bottom of all the drama.

  • Depression

    Danger is just ahead are you prepared in case of the worst depression in history? With the recent problems in the real estate industry, will this be what it takes to put us into a spiraling economy. Are we likely to see a second depression Could it in fact happen as early as this November? […]

  • Karl Rove was wrong?

    What was Karl really wrong about that candidate well apparently in a news story over at there is a suggestion that witch craft is involved, now we dont really know and the thing that Karl needs to understand here is that we dont really care either. This thing between him and O’donnell is personal, […]

  • Democrats led by Harry Reid,

    Is harry smarter than he looks? He just might be, because he is moving to distance himself away from those wackes in Washington DC, yes you know those people like Nancy P, Harry, seems to be fighting back in the polls, moving more to the right, while alleged rags like the Huffington Huf Huf, continue […]

  • Democrats loosing in the polls and november is coming…

    Batman, is robin really running for congress? perhaps, and Yes, that is right and you know the liberals dont even know it, this nation was founded on common sense ideas. Yes, and guess what else, it is like your staring in a movie, the democrats are so disconnected from the rest of the world and […]

  • American cowards?

    this is what they think of you this is what they want, this is what they are. This should have been enough, to see what these people were up to, this is what they are just look at them and you will know them for who and what they are.