Zales outlets?

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Buyer beware…

What you see is not always what you get!

Recently a friend related to me an issue that he encountered when making a purchase at Zales outlet online.

He purchased this ring!

real pretty right…

But this is what he got…

It also arrived with Made in India tags…

nothing wrong with that but the listing at the zales website said the product was previously owned..

This would imply that the item was not new or of substantially less quality that the item was described as.

He was telling me about how difficult it was to reach someone that could assist him.

There are no email address published.

You can Text, as long as you agree to allow marketing from other people.

You can Call, but they are not very helpful when it comes to addressing an inequity.

Chat was just copy and paste.

With references to the varied quality of diamonds.

But exactly when does it become a serious problem?

When they say variance can be different but what about a 60 percent inclusion rate? When you get to 60 percent that is not variance that is possibly fraud, allegedly.

So far my friend has not been able to talk with anyone that has offered to remedy the issue.

Can’t wait to see the reviews…