Wisconsin State race

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Who will win the race, already the liberals have said they won, but is that really true?

The lies of the liberals when will they learn that the Power comes from the People, eventually you will have to come back to work and you will have to face the will of the people, if those that are in office now do not the will of the people they will in turn be voted out of office.

Will the Unions be allowed to subvert the system of checks and balances that have served this nation for so many years?

When elections are close, it has in the past been said that liberals choose to steal an election.

Will that happen so close to a national election for president?


When you look at some of the things that are going on in Wisconsin you have to wonder what are they doing over there is it something in the water?   perhaps but the most important thing here is that the will of the people not be suppressed, we go into other nations for human rights issues yet we have some that are perverse over here.




Is this really the hope and change you voted for?

Think about that for a moment, seriously is this the kind of politics that embody the vision of hope and change?