Will the war on terror end now?

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Years after the 911 Attacks new companies around the world announced that in fact Usama Bin Laden, Is it true?

Reports are coming in that a burial at sea has occurred, however it is true?

Is he really dead?

video below.

This is perhaps a bitter sweet ending to what many feel is justified, with so many lives lost and such resources devoted to this end for so many years, you just have to wonder why such a thing ever happened in the first place, with reports of a “opportunity lost” in the past, before such lives have been lost you have to wonder why this outcome was not the first instead of the last.

video below.

We may never fully understand but we can certainly count the lives that have been lost on both sides of this issue and it is certainly just as bad for those that lost brothers, fathers, even mothers, to this war, all because of what?

We may never really know the truth, yet here perhaps is an ending of sorts, we know it will not bring back the many lives lost nor will it bring comfort.