Why the Internet is better than network news

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Just a few years ago the Lame Stream Media used to make fun of the internet talking about how the only way to get Hard news was to depend on the networks to provide coverage, but that has changed, mostly because most of the media to day are not really providing good sound news coverage.

The way of the past from the first days of Television Broadcasting advertisers saw the medium as a way to reach into the homes of consumers, what started out as a few hundred viewers has grown in to a world wide audience.

The average education of American audiences from 1950 to 1990 was much less than it is today, not only are people smarter but they are through the use of the internet able to learn faster and with more accuracy than in the past.

What this means is that the things that used to be accepted as fact when presented by the broadcast media are no longer a trusted source of information.

Stated plainly people no longer believe the lies that the media constantly attempt to influence human behavior.


The media have become a puppet of political agenda rather than what it once was in the past.

The simple truth is that you can learn far more accurate factual reporting online than you can from any of the networks including the (self proclaimed) Fox news network which made a name back in the 2000 election cycle attempting to present a disparity of fair and balanced coverage format.

This was a welcomed change however over the last two years that fair and balanced format has eroded into a less than honest coverage of the news.


Spin has been the denominate form of influence. 


When you consider the level of spin in many of these formats, the most common reaction to this kind of psychological influence is negative.

People just turn the TV OFF.

In the near future the internet will replace broadcast media.

This will happen because for the most part the media have ceased to be a reporting entity.

Simply put they lie and they spin and they present facts out of context.

The truth is people do not like to be lied to and that is what drives this market.


Until the media realize that they are not the smartest people on this planet they will continue to turn viewers off by presenting information that 70 percent of the audience know is false.

When this happens people just loose interest in viewing the programming.

That is what advertisers are concerned with currently, when you see a segment air that is so biased and full of lies and right after that you see an advertisement for an automobile association can plan a role in creating a negative viewing experience, that is not something that advertisers want to see.

These days Google can tell you more about what is going on in the world than most of the (hard news) broadcasters.

That is something that advertisers should understand when committing resources to the traditional media.