why liberals do not care about you

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In what way do liberals show they care for people?

In what way do they show their love?

Why do they think they are so much better than anyone else on earth?

In many ways the idea that these people think that they are smarter then anyone else is laughable,

Is it really all about them?

If liberals really cared about the “little people” you know everyone that is not them.

They would abide by the rules and the laws that everyone else has to abide by but they do not, they will not because they do not think the laws apply to them.

Could it be this is why they care allegedly nothing for anyone but their own selfish desires.

It could be said that liberals only and allegedly care about themselves.

Is it true?

Do liberals think that they are smarter than 90 percent of the rest of the world?

Do liberals believe that you are stupid?

Do they think that you are dumb?

Do they think that they are smarter than you are?

Why do they believe that they should have their way when it would destroy the rest of the world?

The idea that liberals should some how have life the way they want it no matter what the rest of the world thinks is what is wrong with liberals.