When the Media is no longer the Press.

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What Happens when the Media begin to behave like someone that does not have any intention of obeying the laws of the land?

This is what is happening with the Media. 

Indeed at some point one might begin to question the motives of any individual that distorts the truth with a lie that often has serious consequences, riots, property damage and even death.

Baltimore Riots.

reported 202 arrests, 144 vehicle fires — including multiple police vehicles — and 15 building fires. Fifteen officers were injured in the violence that spilled into Monday night. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency and activated the Maryland National Guard Monday night as Rawlings-Blake declared a weeklong citywide curfew starting Tuesday, spanning 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Around the country, while Vice News live-streamed coverage from the ground throughout the night, large news outlets embraced the coverage in varying degrees. Both large and small local outlets relied on wire coverage from the Associated Press and the New York Times, or reporting from Gannett and Tribune Company papers on the front lines.

29 Million dollars in damages but was that just an estimate and what was the true cost to America.

No doubt that it would not have been a news story at all if the police had managed to protect the custody of the subject that was arrested however the media took the advantage of the situation to make money…

Basically the Media yelled Fire in a crowded theater and then sold fire extinguishers as people tried to escape the theater.   They made millions in sales of advertising, papers, magazines, online advertising at websites, they even made commissions on the sales of products featured on their websites.

The real problem here is that the media is not the press.

The press is protected by the constitution but does that extend to the Media?

notwithstanding the fact that freedom of speech does not actually extend to yelling fire in a crowded theater is the media the same thing as the press or is it more like a money making entertainment business that has little regard for the truth or the safety of the people that were in so many cities when riots took place.

At some point you just have to begin to think IF this were a person, not a corporation but a person would that person be subject to legal action and or even criminal charges?

The answer to that has to be YES…

The most serious thing we face here is that these corporations are above the law just like many members of congress and politician’s  who routinely break the law often with no consequences while regular people the people who vote in this nation would be subject to being separated from their families punished twice and three times by the law and the state and sometimes also the government.

here is an example, a man is struggling to pay his bills because there is not much work out there and sometimes he gets a few days work and sometimes he does not, then he has to choose between eating and paying insurance, no excuse of course, but now with computers the state can fine him and force him to pay a reinstatement fee for the privilege of having to pay for a license tag and tax on the value of the vehicle that the man owns, the reinstatement fee in many states can range from $185.00 to $450.00

So the only way the man has to earn enough money to pay to get his privilege to drive in the state he lives in is to take a chance and drive to work anyway.

By the way this is in part based on a true story.

The man gets a ticket for a headlamp that is not lit then they check his tag and find that it is expired.

They tow his truck or car off and he goes to jail or they let me go home if he is lucky.

Now he is back home but he has no way to get to work.

On top of that insult, he now has to go to court, where he will be fined, likely anywhere from $1200.00 to $2400.00  he may also be placed on probation anywhere from 1 to 5 years, he will have to pay a monthly probation officer fee, usually 25 to 75 dollars per month and if he is able he can get his vehicle back after he pays the fine that he still owes, along with the tow bill and the impound fee as well as a daily storage fee which can range between 10 to 50 dollars per day.

So he is punished by fines and probation then because he is on probation he may have difficulty getting a job in the future.  Which means this is a punishment that is a lasting punishment that could go on for many years.

Additionally he is likely to have a low credit score which translates into paying more for services than other people pay.

That is the average person.

The wealthy and the politically connected people never get the first ticket because they are not treated the same as others who also may make a mistake by not paying a bill on time.

Hard to imagine how difficult it might become to just exist while many people and now the Media as well face no consequences for the actions that they take.

That is just not acceptable.

Why do we put up with this bad behavior from giant rich corporations.