What we know?

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What if what we think we know may not be what it appears to be?

What if it is just exactly what it appears to be.

Over the last four years, and if you believe the biased media the last 12 years, then you know that we have experienced a loss of faith in Washington, we have politicians, that will tell you what ever they think will convince you to vote for them then after they are elected they go about doing the exact opposite of what they said they would do…

I believe that the Voting Public be they Republican or Democratic are a little weary of all this bait and switch politics. The thing is this, how long will this go on, because you cannot campaign for one year and make promise after promise and then spend three years breaking every promise you made and then expect the voting public to have any faith in anything you have to say right? How can that work?

The answer to that question is it cannot work at all…

When you cater to the minority of the voting public, then that is what you get when you run for re-election, the smaller part of the vote. Sadly that is where Washington finds itself now, they will likely try to make it appear as though what they have done is working but all in all trust has been broken and once you break that trust it is almost impossible to stop it and reverse it.

The time to have taken action was in 2010, when the tide shifted, the time to change was then.

A great example was and still is, that 88 percent of the public is in favor of the oil pipeline. Yet, the will of the people is ignored and the Senate led by Democrat Harry Reid, is trying to make it an issue of the few over the many, the few being those that do not want an oil source that would reduce the dependance on over seas oil.

Yet, still we find that Washington is doing the very wrong thing….