westboro baptist church

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Westboro hate group, that is what these people allegedly really are, they hate, they do not love, they do nothing that any regular church would do, so in reality they are not a church but an alleged hate group.

You know most people have gone along with this title, but in reality these people are not a church, baptist or otherwise, what they are is a thinly disguised veil for a hate group, they are not a church, nor do they serve in any capacity as a caring loving organization, what they do instead is to show up and torment citizens who have never done anything to warrant, the treatment of hate by this so called church.

In what is sure to be an attention drawing service, in the recent tragedy in Arizona, members of this alleged Westboro Hate group, plan to protest the funerals of victims of the tragic shooting this past Saturday, now three days past, but not forgotten was the death of a 9 year old, Angel whom these sorry excuse for a church plan on picketing this little girls funeral.

This is not free speech it is alleged hate speech.
There are laws against this right? If there were ever a time to enforce these laws now is it.

One plan is to use 8 to 10 foot angel wings to shield the citizens and mourners from these alleged hate group’s so they may lay to rest their loved ones.

It is nothing short of shocking that this alleged hate group would continue to do these terrible things, they have crossed the line some time ago yet we continue to suffer, them to do what they have been doing it is time to legally stop this alleged hate group from interfering with any more funerals.