We the People

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This week we have witnessed an abomination.

What amounts to machinations of such machiavellian magnitude that anyone who witnessed it would not believe that it actually happened.


What does this hoax impeachment tell Americans?

What this tells America is that we are all Americans and we must not allow a small group of people to act unlawfully.

Wow, when you hear the truth you finally understand that we are facing a betrayal of more than 300 million americans by democrats.

We choose our nation.

WE choose our future.

WE are the People.

The people of the united states of America.

For 2 and 1 half years, that is 18 months of calls for impeachment by the leaders of one political party.

Fake charges, Fake facts, Fake Everything.

Unsubstantiated allegations.

Democrats changed the rules for impeaching the President.

They did this so that they could allegedly circumvent the process that had been in place for many years. A process of rules that have been in place for a reason and that reason was put in place so that one small group of people could not over rule the will of the people.

Everything was changed so that they could go ahead with this hoax.

No one in their right minds would have ever done this at any time in the past…

This impeachment is unfounded and improper.

Take the time to watch this video because it is perhaps one of the most thoughtful and important speeches given concerning the hoax that allegedly the democrats have engaged in.

We must not allow the evil of a few to taint an entire nation.

Remember to vote.

Vote in 2020 because without your vote our children will not be free from this kind of horrible and evil people.