Was trump right?

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A few days ago, Donald Trump got into an argument with a reporter and the reporter thought that he had won the verbal exchange but what if Donald Trump was right…

The topic was how much of a hero John McCain was and perhaps still is.

Was John McCain a hero, sure anyone that survives in enemy hands as a prisoner is certainly a hero.

But what about now?

In an article it became clear that there were leaders of congress that sided against our only friend in the middle east, Israel.

One of those men that betrayed Israel, was John McCain…

Hero or not, it is clear that he is no longer a friend to Israel, that should bother you in ways that should keep you up at night.

McCain is no longer fit for the office of Senator of the United States of America.


It is likely hard to imagine a man who has seen first hand what the enemy can and will do to prisoners would take cover in a political fight where a nation of people would be at risk and what this does is to place Israel in a position that they may become an enemy of the U.S.

Instead of our friends and allies, John McCain has made them our enemy.

Source and News Story…

Some of us have seen the reports about John McCain. I know what Ted Guy had to say about McCain and I know how angry POW activists have been at his betrayal of their cause. What I didn’t know and that few of us knew, is that John Holland, Rolling Thunder Founder, had called for the Republican Party to remove McCain from the ticket.

This isn’t a minor story and isn’t one that has gone away just because the election is over. Many of us who knew what McCain had done didn’t know how much power the money boys behind Palin and McCain could go to suppress this information during the campaign.

Rally after rally, fellow POW and controversial Medal of Honor holder, Bud Day, stood beside McCain, backing him up. With substantiated claims of hundreds of counts of treason, collaboration and aid and comfort to the enemy suppressed against McCain and a number of unnamed other POWs who were expecting to be prosecuted when returned, this entire act during the election seems sick.
Ted Sampley, Vietnam combat veteran, now deceased, wrote at length about McCain and Day. Sampley’s article on Day’s Medal of Honor is extremely revealing. (US Veterans Dispatch)