wall street thugs?

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Have you noticed the media’s new obsession with the Occupy Wall Street movement? Yes, the same movement that has launched a smear campaign against capitalism and Tea Party principles – it is a pathetically perfect fit. However, we cannot stand silent as protestors demand more government spending and demonize the Tea Party movement.

When I saw these stats, it made me sick to my stomach. The media has been trying to invalidate and kill the Tea Party movement since its inception. Now they are helping OWS push a message of entitlements.  The media has continuously ignored conservative solutions and instead have acted as a mouthpiece for liberal demands.

I am standing up to this bias and fighting back against this dangerous and anti-American message, will you stand with me?
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However, people like you, who have made our movement what it is today, are not in it for the fame or attention. Our movement has never needed a primetime spot or special attention – we just go out and get it done. In 2010, we exercised our strength by changing the landscape of Washington. We were able to accomplish that with the support of people that want to return America back to what made her great – freedom, hard-work and personal responsibility.

2012 is approaching fast and Occupy Wall Street is trying to attack our message of fiscal responsibility and limited government. They may have the media on their side, but we have the facts and the people on ours. Tea Party Express is excited and ready to repeat the success of 2010 and taking the Senate and the White House.  Help us fight against the protestors on Wall Street, fight against entitlements, fight against government growth and restore America to the principles that she was founded on.