Standoff in Wisconsin

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Well it appears at least allegedly so that the unions have won out against a weak governor who cannot apparently stand on his principals or beliefs.

Life changes, if you doubt that just ask Charlie Sheen how much his life has changed over the last two years.

The thing is that apparently the unions do not feel they should ever be included in any type of change that the rest of the world is forced into.

They feel they are owed, allegedly, not sure why they think they are any better than any other man or woman that exists on the face of the planet, but apparently we have no leaders that are capable of actually leading. While it is notable that, the democrats will pay a huge price in the end for this folly they have engaged in they will eventually be voted out of office.

So, do what ever you have to do and then when that walking trash can shows up for work, then there will be trouble, it is time to vote these democrat clowns out of office, they have proved that they will not do their jobs, they have proved that they are not capable of working.

They should be fired and voted out of office, and that is what will happen.