Voting for the future

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This year we have an opportunity to tell washington that the people can vote.

It seems that so many people do not vote, even when you see a high turnout it is usually just a percentage of all the voters.

This has been a problem for many years.

This year your votes can make a difference.

2014 may be the year that more people vote than ever before.


Simple we have a congress that does not think that the people matter.

Just look at the leader of the senate, who blocks budgets before they can be voted on.

(is that the American Way?)

Yet the DNC have this guy out front?

What does that tell you about the DNC…

This year when you do vote, think about the cost of Gasoline.

Think about the cost of your health insurance.

Think about the cost of prescription medications.

Now vote your conscious. 

That is really all that need be said.