Voter Fraud?

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If you are sick and tired of all the liars out there, then you need to get out and vote those jack wagons out of office.

Liars and cheaters, what is wrong with this picture.

Cheaters, in America?

No one likes a cheater because for the most part in America we are trained from an early age that cheating is for loser’s.

In School, it is not permissible to cheat.

In College, it is not permissible to cheat.

In life if you cheat you get fired…


Why do they do it, I mean, Grown men and women, (allegedly) cheating to stay in office?

Cheaters, you know what no one likes a cheater.

So what is going on and why is it happening in America?

Arrests have allegedly been made in Fla where some have been accused of doing some rather naughty things in light of how important this election cycle actually is, I think it is very important that we get this right.

After all how can we expect other fledgling countries to risk everything to vote and we have such corruption that we allegedly cant have a voting contest without someone trying to cheat.

Reports have also come in that allegedly some voting machines in the Nevada race could have been tampered with to automatically select Harry Reid, now if that is true, something needs to be done.