Vote in this election 2016

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We have to make a difference and the only way that the people can make a real difference is to hold the media accountable for the truth.

The media are trying to diffuse and deceive and deny the truth about this election.


America is still alive and well.

The reputation of this great nation has been tarnished by corruption and by evil people.

It is time that We the People Stand up and expose the lies of the Media and that we will not stand for the bias and the lies and the corruption any more.

We know the truth but if you the voter sit at home and do nothing because you think that your vote does not count then the lies of the media become true.

That sounds bad right ?

Sure it does, the only way that the media can continue to lie to the world about this election is for voters to stay home.

What will happen next will we have the truth from this investigation or will it become yet another political law.