vampire media?

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Is it possible that the media are so engrossed in the fantasy of overthrowing the lawful governance of president Trump that they are willing to sacrifice everything and everyone.

In every way possible we are witnessing the embarrassment of our nation by the media. 

It is literally like watching a night time soap opera, (for those who remember such things)

We have a media that is fine with the dramatization of evil and has no trouble with broadcasting all manner of filth with no remorse or even an attempt at an apology.

The Press has become defunct …

They have become the heart of mens desires which are base and lewd if you watch what the media have to say every day.

This is the same media that often talk about how terrible this behavior is or that behavior might be but then ignore bad behavior when it suits their agenda in one form or another.

Naturally not all of the media are this way but sadly most of them are and that is the trouble we as voters face today.

A media that is participating in elections by interfering with those elections.

The Media is the problem as well as those politicians that are though no fault of their own, become old and in many cases senile.

The swamp really does need to be drained and those that need to be voted out of office are clearly the ones acting out.

stay tuned for video showing how these politicians are just making it all up.

They are calling for investigations and special prosecutors, how much money will that cost the american tax payer?

Millions and millions of dollars, which if the democrats were as they say they are “concerned” for their fellow man would pay for millions of  people to get food to the table.

It would pay for repairs to aging buildings in the inner cities.

But where is the outrage about wasting money on special prosecutors for political gain?

In the 2018 election cycle we need to demonstrate loud and clear that we are sick and tired of the lies of the media and we need to send these people home that need to be in a rest home.

Those that sleep through proceedings through no fault of their own, but simply because they are over 80 years of age and have no business in Washington.

Though we be warned that we must change or face extinction, will we heed the warning and make those changes or will we simply wait for the democrats to destroy our nation?

That is the real news story and one that you will not see hear read or even wonder about as you go about your day listening to the news.

But make no mistake, the people are watching…