Vacate the Chair ?

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Will he step downWere curious and Im sure you might be as well, there is a Call to Vacate the Chair….

A motion has been filed and it is a motion to vacate the chair

This may have been done in the past at some point well have to check into that

and report back

but the main question is this…

Should the Speaker of the House Vacate the Chair?

You might be thinking that this is a bad idea and some clearly are right about that but what has been done by congress lately or really in the last 30 years…

What has congress done?


Thats what….

They sat by and allowed 9 demented individuals to make a criminal ruling…

They allowed Washington to get away with anything they wanted to do.


They allowed all this garbage to pile up…

They allowed the Affordable Care Act to become law…

What are they good for anyway?