Up to the Challange

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Will they stand up to the corrupt, liberals in sheep’s clothing?

Or will they just do the same old thing after getting elected.

Will the republicans be up to the challenge of the huge responsibility that the voters gave them?

Many people are already saying that the republicans are not up to the challenge that they caused all the problems through time and will cause more problems now, of course those people are liberal pundits, that apparently cant see past the end of their noses.

Of course they may have a point because some of the so called republicans have voted more often with the democrats than with their own party, this presents a problem because many of those liberals who were pretending to be Republicans are no longer in office, and if those that did manage to make it back do not vote the will of the people in 2012 they will be voted out.

It would be a huge mistake to think that people will forget what has been done in the last two years, no that would be an error to think that this mid term election was anything but a restraining order on this tax and spend congress, so the liberals can have their talking points but you know I think the American people are getting tired of hearing how its all the fault of Bush.

After two years you might think the liberals would start to take ownership of their own devices but apparently they are not mature enough to do that.

One thing for sure, If the liberals keep on doing what they have been doing they will too be voted out of office and if they do not start listening to the people it will be time to recall them.

The talking points of liberals are clear, the same old same old thing, blame everyone but themselves for what happened.

They can talk about cars in the ditch all they want but it seems sort of ignorant to talk about a car in the ditch when your behind the wheel and have been for the last six years, yes count them six years, so the car in the ditch thing, sort of just seem ignorant, but if that is the best they can do, I just have to laugh.

When they said they would be transparent, I wonder if this is what they were talking about because so far its more of a tragedy and comedy than anything like what we should be doing.