Unemployment rate rises or falls?

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So which is it?

Are the rates rising or falling?  Like the cliche goes the world wants to know, but you know what the world wants to know the truth.

Anyone with half a brain knows that with seasonal employment ending, at this time of year, (30 years of data prove this, allegedly) that the rate is actually going up as accurate as they are on this matter, we think we could just guess, with a .02 percent accuracy level and be within the same guess that this news story just came out with today, touting, or lying depends on your view, that somehow 30 years of data is somehow false?

This begs the question how stupid do they really think that we are?

Everyone knows that seasonal statistics, for jobs lost in the month of December and January, will not even show up in stats until February, so in reality, (which is where the rest of the world lives,) not sure where fox news lives, the rates have in fact gone up.

UP, people, there are more unemployed now than what they are even counting, so why bother trying to lie to the American people?

We really want to understand the producers over at Fox news, because it seems like either they are dumb as rocks or they have a liberal agenda.

Either way they do not seem to have a realistic view point.

So, in the next few days when the real figures come out don’t be surprised when they say opps more jobs lost then we first told you sorry.

After a while you have to question if the wolf is really about to get at the sheep.