Twitter Cease and Desist?

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Did the Media just sweep this story under the dirty carpet?

What did the media get wrong about the Twitter cease and desist letter. 

Today we saw several media reports about a news story that seemed to suggest that something might be wrong about the new Meta / Facebook new app called threads which essentially is something like twitter. 

Watching the news coverage you have to ask do these talking bobble heads on the news really understand the topic of conversation?

Obviously the answer is No they do not understand what the cease and desist letter is about and it showed clearly that they did not understand because they did not or were not able to answer or ask the right questions. 

When you do not understand the news story then how can you possibly understand how to ask the right questions?

You cant either because you do not have the knowledge or you intentionally are being obtuse about what the real news story is all about. 

We can hope that Fox News was being obtuse about the coverage of this story because it certainly did not look like they understood what was behind the cease and desist letter. 

The news media are ignoring the gorilla in the room here and instead suggesting that any lawsuit would be an uphill battle… 

So, the media in its intentional coverage does not mention anything about what might be a real issue and instead focusing on stating a legal opinion of sorts. 

They seem to want to suggest that the cease and desist letter is not a big deal but what if they are wrong?

What if we looked at this news story and took it at face value?

What if the news media are wrong about this story… 

If you were to take the story at face value and then take it a step further and lets say that there may be actual faction evidence that former twitter employees transferred (protected registered technology) to Facebook / Meta and then that company used that information and or programming in the development of the product in question then this might be a completely different story… 

If the cease and desist letter is accurate then would this be the first time that Meta / Facebook engaged in a form of theft or improperly borrowing technology?

That would be a big fat NO… 

No, this is not the first time that Facebook has allegedly engaged in behavior that could be considered behaving rather stupidly… 

Insert image of letter here. 

You can read the (alleged) copy of what might be the letter sent to Facebook/ meta. 

(Reports are that this is accurate but with the way the internet works we don’t know for sure) 

IF this letter is accurate then this could be a real problem for Meta. 

Of course it appears that the media are not really doing much in reporting this story and instead they appear to dismiss the story without actually covering the actual alleged facts in the letter and that seems like a real problem for the media. 

They tried to just sweep it under the rug at least that would appear to be the case.. 

But What IF….