Twisted Politicians

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Twisted Media Lies along with a betrayal by Democrats and Republicans and the entire judicial branch has left Americans stunned by what has happened in this election.

The Media is busy using propaganda to try to make us believe that we did not see the fraud… You did not build that road, you did not build that business..

While the Media are trying to brain wash Americans into thinking that what happened somehow did not really happen at all….

The rest of America is awake to what has been going on for years and they are awake because of President Trump!

They elected him so that he would take action because they were tired of politicians telling all manner of lies and then later never doing anything that they promised to do. . .

But that did not stop these morons from continuing to try to convince America that more than 3800 people are all wrong about election fraud.

They want you to believe that the Millions of people who voted for Trump including up to 34 percent of non traditional voting blocks did not really vote for Trump

These are all lies…

The real question here is do you really believe the media lies and the politicians who have lied to you for years and years?

Do you believe in the twisted truth that the media are shoveling?

If you do believe that beyond all the possibilities and all the statistics, Every Presidential election in history was wrong until the 2020 election?

IF you believe the nonsense that the media are selling about this corrupt election then you are a special person.

Run along now nothing for your to read here.

If on the other hand you can see the truth and not just because of all of the evidence and all of the math that can be clearly seen in all of these corrupt states where election results were destroyed in favor of treason then read on because the Democrats are not the only ones that have betrayed this nation and its people.

The GOP and Republicans have also betrayed this
nation and its people.

I am done with the GOP I will never donate another dime to these pathetic morons.

We watched the primary in 2016 and most people never thought that Trump would make any real headway into the race for President.

Almost all of the Republican candidates were against Trump and they made fun of him and they called him names, then when it became clear that he was actually gaining ground…

These republicans tried every dirty trick in the book and still they failed to keep him from winning…

Then the media tried to make Trump look like a clown that had no chance of winning anything.

In fact the Media tried to push several Candidates over the top so that Trump would loose the primaries.

They failed…

Now here we are in a contested election and it is clear that treason has occurred and now it looks like those same republicans are once again turning their backs on President Trump.

The Truth is clear…

The only way that you could deny this truth is if you are not interested in looking at the truth at all but are more interested in the lies of the media instead.

Back to the 2016 election for a moment.

If you remember, there were many suggestions that the GOP might look at replacing Candidate Trump because he was not electable.

The media had put forward (what has now been proven to be a false accusation concerning three women who claimed that Private Citizen Trump had acted inappropriately at some point in the past) So the media tried to make it look like candidate Trump had an elect-ability issue and the GOP was looking into replacing Trump with another candidate.

As it turned out all of the lies of the media turned out to be false.

Candidate Trump went on to defeat Clinton easily…

Must to the dislike of the media and democrats as well as republicans.

The Democrats played games, they lied, they did all kinds of really moronic things also some republicans also did some stupid things.

Then the Media started talking about Russian Collusion.

That also turned out to be fake news.

But that did not stop the media and politicians from both parties who tried to get Trump to resign…

Crazy right because it turned out to be false.

But that did not stop the democrats from launching a “special council” to investigate President Trump.
Spending Millions and Millions of dollars investigating “Nothing”

The media talked about it non stop wall to wall coverage and even said some things that were proven to be completely fake and false.

But that did not stop the democrats from having a fake investigation that revealed nothing had been done wrongly.

President Obama signed numerous “questionable” executive orders which were not questioned.

President Trump according to the Media could not do the same things that they just said was fine when Obama did them.

Judges who acted in a partisan manner, blocked executive orders making broad false statements that turned out to be nothing but smoke and mirrors.

But that did not stop other judges from doing the same thing over and over again and all of them were wrong on the law and wrong on the question of the constitutionality of the orders.

So, on and on it went and at every step of the way President Trump who did not accept any pay for his hard work during his presidency.

But this did not stop the media from failing to cover any real news about this president.

We watched as the democrats held a fake trial based on fake evidence which was proven to be fake and they knew it at the time but this did not stop the democrats from continuing on attempting to wage a political war that was so full of stupidity that it defied the ability of most normal people to readily understand what was happening right in front of their eyes.

But this did not stop them from continuing to pursue even a fake impeachment trial.

They put up fake witnesses!

They talked about far left ideology.

They talked about everything but the truth and the truth came out anyway.

The truth they did not want to see or hear was that President Trump had done nothing wrong.

But this did not stop the democrats…

They continued to have a fake vote on impeachment.

The vote was along partisan lines with only democrats voting for impeachment.

They failed to prove anything at all.

But this did not stop them…

You see the real problem that we face as a nation is that these politicians both democrat and republican did not want Donald J Trump as president because he broke all the unwritten rules about how elections are run.

He spent less money and got more votes than any previous candidate. (modern history)

He made campaign promises which he kept.

People liked that and it was an amazing thing to see because politicians just do not do that most of them just lie through their teeth about what they are going to do and then just do what ever they want to do after the election.

People liked this president because he stood up to the fake media and their fake news.

The media tried to brand fake news as the news that they did not agree with as in news that was true but the media did not like that truth.

So they tried to call it fake news.

But the real truth became clear that the media were the ones that were actually creating fake news and fake news stories, so it backfired on the lying dirty media.

But this did not stop them…

Then the media started showing fake polls that showed fake numbers.

They tried to make it look like Biden was way out in front of Trump.

But the truth was the opposite of what the media said it was.

The media tried to make it look like something that was false was true but people already knew that the media are a bunch of lying ignorant people.

but this did not stop them from what they were trying to do…

Then the Covad 19 thing came along and the media tried to make it look like Trump had done nothing about the problem.

Yet again the truth was that while the President was taking action on Covad19 the democrats were trying to impeach the president.

The media were covering the fake impeachment trials, all while covad 19 was already here in the USA.

But the media did not cover that because they were neck deep in the impeachment hearings.

It was only after it became clear that the fake impeachment trial was a failure that the media began to hype the covad19 news story.

But this did not stop the media and the democrats.

Now, knowing that this is just about half of all the most ignorant news stories that turned out to be nothing but lies made up by the media and democrats…

Do you really think that these 3800 people all lied about election fraud? People who saw it happening… People who were there and saw it…

Do you really think that millions of people all are mistaken about the evidence just because the cowards in office failed to do their duty?

States received more mail in ballots than they sent out.

They received ballots before they were mailed out…

They received ballots on the same day as the election …

All of those things are impossible. You cannot receive a mail in ballot before you mail it out…

You cannot receive a mail in ballot that was never mailed out..

You cannot receive a mail in ballot in 8 hours…

But somehow we are supposed to believe that all of these things were not true and correct? All because the Media and lying public officials said that its not so? They have no proof that its not true but they still expect the public to believe them?

No No No…

The problem that democrats and the media and now the GOP aka Republicans have now is that they think that people are going to just let this slide and just go back to the way things were before all of this corruption that has been revealed.

They did not want President Trump because he could not be bought.

They did not want President Trump because he was revealing the levels of corruption in the SWAMP!

The people elected him to do what he has done and Washington DC tried at every step of the way to oppose the will of the people of this nation.

Do they really believe that things are going to go back to normal… ???

This confirms what many of us have known for years, these people in Washington ARE Stupid People!

They obviously do not know history or have
Never really studied it…

They apparently do not understand the effect that the internet had on millions of people….

They do not understand the link between unlimited information and the ability of the people to learn from that tool.

morons in congress and the media…

They think that the people are ignorant.

They think that the people are not capable of seeing all of the corruption!

They think that they can just lie about it all and the people will like they have done in the past just go back to being sheep and forget all of the things that these people did..

This is what they think.

They are Completely ignorant of the truth here…

Things are not going to go back to normal.

As much as I would like to see these corrupt politicians pay the price for what they have done, I also love this nation and I truly hope that someone will wake up and do the right thing.

WE need a Jimmy Stewart moment.

WE need a John Wayne to stand up in the saddle and do the right thing for the American People.

But as much as we all would love to see the characters that were played by these men stand up and help the American people, we know the truth and that truth looks to be that there is no one that will stand up for this nation.

There is apparently no one left that will stand up for America.

It is a truly sad day to see what these people have done to this nation, WE hope that this nation will be saved but it looks dark and it looks dim because no one will do the right thing.

The media just continue to lie about the truth over and over again and they somehow expect that we are going to start believing them ….

But the people have seen and once you see a thing it cannot be Unseen.

You can’t go back into the matrix…

The Swamp and the Media elite are about to learn how history turned out previously. . .

They appear helpless to stop themselves from trying the same old tricks even though they have not worked since the 1960s.

More than ever the internet is revealing the real truth regardless of how many times they lie and try to make the truth look like a lie the people will reject them and reject what they think because we are not illiterate and we are not ignorant.

The Truth is coming out and when it does the price will be great.

Likely much more than any politician or fake news reporter is willing to pay. In the end it is always the people who wake up and throw down the tyrants who would rule over the world with evil intent.

This nation was founded by Men who were willing to do what was needed to preserve liberty and this congress is apparently bent toward undoing the Constitution.