Turning Texas Blue?

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Well now this is an interesting story, from the perspective that how truly out of touch some political groups really are.

By DAVID NATHER | 7/8/13 5:06 AM EDT

Democrats are gearing up to spend millions of dollars to “turn Texas blue” by bringing in a new generation of Latino voters.

So when an abortion fight flared in Austin this summer, it seemed the stars had aligned — liberals had a hot-button cause to galvanize new supporters who just might stick around for the long haul.

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Here is the deal though, with the abuses and continuing abusive behavior being exhibited by some of these organizations that perform late term abortions, it has come to the attention of the people that surgical procedures which can end in death and have significant risk associated with them should be monitored for safety, just like other medical surgery facilities all over the world.

Not only do most Americans agree with this kind of action but they support it, because otherwise we become monsters.

While democrats may feel like this is a big issue the truth is this is just keeping people safe and monitoring the situation where the people are protected not abused.

Makes you wonder who your voting for when you go democrat…