Trump Wins

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Trump Wins the 2016 Election of the United States of America in the face of attacks by the media even by Megyn Kelly who is now changing her tune.

They are now admitting that the Polls were just wrong.

Now you can see the truth from the media.

Now you can see what is happening and that is something that is really amazing.

The truth will set you free and that is what the American People wanted.


Freedom from being told that they cannot keep their doctors.

Freedom from being told that they cannot protect their families.

Freedom from being told lies by the media.

We have reality here and that is the truth.

There is no disbelief, there is the truth and that is what we have to learn about here.

America is of the People by the People for the People.

We must have change because we have a real election and the people have voted.

You have made a difference.

You the voter now have a voice.

The media has been lying about this race from the very beginning. 

They said that Trump would be out of the race after two months. 

They were wrong. 

They said over and over again that Trump could not win. 

They were wrong. 


The Media attempted to subvert the will of the people and they failed now it is time to hold the media accountable for what they have tried to do because they will do it again as soon as they get the chance and we cannot allow the media to get away with the lies that they have been telling.

Even now the media do not want to admit that they lost.

They lost.

Elections have consequences.

This time the people won…

In the morning the media will begin to question Donald Trump’s ability to do what he said he would do.

The media will try to show a lot of different things that Trump said he would do.

Now the real work to undo everything that has been done for the last 8 years begin…