Trump Right or Wrong?

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In case you may have missed the latest breaking news.

Donald Trump is at this time not going to participate in the next debate.

Personally I think its a great decision, the media are corrupt, (this includes allegedly Fox News)

Tonight I watched Bill orielly almost beg Trump to come on the debate.

Why do you think that is happening?

The truth is Fox news is going to loose money, because they have likely unfairly focused their questions to include trump.

I hope he sticks to his guns and does the event he has planned, which is to benefit Veterans.

That is something that he can do that will get him much more press than the fAUX news debate.

Fox should be ashamed that they have behaved badly, now they are being called on their bad behavior, so I don’t feel a bit badly for Fox.

Tonight Trump made a point to say that there have been enough debates, we know what everyone thinks and all the candidates have had plenty of time to speak.

To be honest, I just don’t think one more debate will change anything. 

This will be very interesting to see what happens, it is possible that Trump might get more attention than the fox news debates.

Now that would be something worth watching.