Treadstone sleeper’s

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A new series at USA appears to be setup for a lot of success the plot concerns people who have been trained and indoctrinated by a shadow agency.

Looks like we have a winner folks…

This series has the potential to really get some serious ratings.

The possibilities are almost endless.

Just imagine at any time you could introduce a new character into the production stream and generate a new sleeper…

This could be a big hit..

Pardon the pun but when it comes to creating audience appeal the idea that anyone even someone you know might be a sleeper agent just waiting to be “activated” could really build up the kind of action and cliff hanger plots that audiences have been wanting..

Hopefully the writers will not mess it up with a lot of junk. . .

But hey if writers got it right all the time series would never be cancelled.

This one might be worthy of the franchise that is Borne and perhaps Borne Again…