Tommy Tuberville

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The Coach is in it to win it.

The election was close but now it is up to the people of Alabama to make a real choice for a man who is not going to sit down on the job.

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‘We need a different voice:’ Tommy Tuberville says it’s time to send real people to Washington D.C.

Tommy Tuberville

He maintains a stance he’s taken his entire campaign: that of being an outsider and not a career politician.

“Our swamp, corrupt politicians have just about put us under, and we are going to keep kicking the can down the road and sending these same people, because all they do is buy elections,” Tuberville said outside of the polling location.

Tuberville decided to run as a Republican for the U.S. Senate seat in Alabama. One of the key issues he’s focused on is a plan to set term limits for politicians. The rest of his campaign has centered around key issues like education, veterans, and immigration policy.

Tuberville has said he would donate his Senate salary to veterans.