Toilet Paper Math

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Yes, this year counting ballots in this election has become like Toilet Paper Math…

When you consider the idea that we have recounts going on that are filled with the same people that lied, cheated, stole, changed folded and mutilated ballots in many different ways…

That my friends is like
Toilet Paper Math.

Yes this is funny but you know what it is also exactly what happened on election night when Election Tampering and Fraud created votes for Biden and not Trump!

We know what happened and there is proof but will it be enough to stop treasonous persons from fraudulently and falsely attempting to take over the United States.

IF people do not stand up to the media bullies then there will be no America.

The truly sad thing here is that the people that are trying to take over really believe that they can make America over in their own image.

But that is impossible.

It is impossible because America was made by a strong faith in God.

Basically yes God Made America Great…

The crazy people who are trying to take over this election only think that they are God…

In reality they are the Monsters you were afraid of late at night when you were a kid.

They are the monsters under the bed and in the closet.

More coming soon…