Time to stop reading Time?

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Well, Folks this Time it appears that Time may have bitten off more than it can chew.

Publishing a Biased and Deceptive cover that does not tell the real story but a lie.

It is amazing how insane these companies are becoming but what should really concern you is the fact that most of these companies are not really making money anymore because they do not represent the truth.

No one likes a liar. 

Liars create problems they distort reality and often cause mental distress and disorder everywhere they go.

Just ask any Police Officer, (They hate liars)

But what if this were the cover…

It is just as likely as the first but now you might even say that Time Magazine is being a bit racist or you could have said that to begin with right?

The truth here is a difficult one… Or is it?

WE often wonder what these people are thinking about when they decide to do something like this but over all what does it matter, because no one is reading this magazine except when they do something like this and even then they usually only see the image and never read the magazine.

The real question would seem to be who is paying for this companies expenses?

Do they exist as a means of publishing propaganda?

Perhaps the red cover is telling another story…

One thing seems clear, this is not the truth buy a lie which brings us back to the original thought.

No one likes liars.