Time to Eat Crow?

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Is it time for the Media and the Press to get their crow out and eat it?

We look at this amazing horror story of how the media are distorting the truth.


What are we going to do?

Remember the Basket of Deplorable’s.

Will Donald J Trump become the next President of the United States.

WE now have a situation where the State of Georgia is going to go for Trump and the media are refusing to admit the truth.

Fox news is not calling Georgia for Trump when right now its 95 percent certain that Trump will win…

So the story now should be why have the media continued to lie to the public?

Could it be that the media is becoming more of an entertainment organization?

The people are have voted all that remains is for the media to admit the truth.


They have continued to lie to the public regardless of what the truth actually is here and that is something that we must insist on having accountability for the press.

This is what is true not what you are seeing on the broadcast media.