the war on poverty

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For too many years we have fought this war however the results on the war on poverty is a sad thing.

Poverty is something that because of poor leadership we still face as a huge issue.

When you consider the truth it is something that should be evident and easy to understand.

There are so many problems with finding solutions that work every time.

The single most difficult problem financially challenged Americans face is consistent services for all Americans.

This problem is rooted in a long history of built in disadvantages which our society generates as a road block to success.

Think about it, Credit history effects the cost you pay for services.

It effects the ability of the consumer to obtain many different types of services, from insurance to the rate at which you can borrow money.

If you have money you can borrow money, If you do not have money you cannot borrow money right?

Wrong, …

You can borrow money and that is the problem, the rate at which the financially challenged consumer is subjected to should be a crime, 300 percent per every 30 days.

Car title loans, Pawn loans, these are evil services often provided by the lowest of the low, to those that have no other choice or at least it would seem to be the case.

Just have a look around your local phone book or your local business area for every bank there is likely to be two to three title pawn locations.

This is Evil and it should not be allowed to continue.

The main reason why this is a very bad thing is a simple one, it deprives those who are in financial distress from transportation.

In order to get to a more successful future the poor must have  transportation and as long as these title pawn companies take advantage of the poor in this way the only thing that will continue to happen is that those of our society that are at the greatest risk of poverty will continue to be trapped in this viscous cycle of unfair business practices.