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The Truth!

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IF you want to see what the truth is…

Then just look!

IF you do not look then you cannot see and so you are blind.

Do we still have freedom in America?

Freedom may something that we are about to lose forever.

We have seen what the truth is and because the media and election officials deny the truth and instead substitute what they want to say instead of the truth.

We are watching the congress repeating the same things that the media are talking about.

How can a person who has sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America fail to do their duty.

We have seen Evasion of the law.

We have seen Vast Sums of Money delivered to only certain areas of the nation where allegedly high numbers of ballots were created and or manipulated in a way that created the opportunity for fraud.

So when the media and judges say that there is no evidence what are they really saying…

They are saying that there is nothing to see, but is that the truth?

Allegedly Reports indicate that the AG of the state of Michigan threatening lawyers and legislators, with criminal prosecution allegedly.

WE are facing the destruction of this nation by foreign actors and by Governors of States and other public officials.

What will happen to freedom in this nation when the Media will not do the right thing.

The greatest problem we are now facing right now in this nation is that once Americans know the truth it will be too late to obtain relief in the normal way.

You can take a man’s money take his possessions take his pride and while you have done a great evil a man can replace those things but when you take a mans freedom and his future and the freedom of his children and their futures then you have robbed him of something that you cannot replace and that he cannot replace and that is a very dangerous thing to deprive a man of.

We must answer all of the questions that are in front of this nation right now.

The Amistad Project now has valid proof that private corporations spent more than Half a Billion Dollars into the coffers of Election officials.

When you see what this video reveals you might begin to wonder why the Supreme Court of the United States of America have failed to stand up for the People of this nation and the Constitution.

81 Million Dollars

Went to specific Swing States and in specific counties and election officials….

This is a serious problem and it is not a problem that we should fix in the next election…

No, This must be Adjudicated by a Legal Authority and not by partisan judges who dismiss without looking at the issue.

That is not justice that is malpractice.

Massive amounts of money were given to counties in Wisconsin.

Hundreds of Thousands of dollars.

Where did that money go…

Millions and millions and millions of dollars.

Where is the money now?

What did they do with that money?

America must know where this money went!

WE must know who now has this money?

What did they do with the money!

Did they take the money and then allegedly personally enrich themselves?

If they did this was it legal?

If it was not legal then why are we not seeing enforcement actions?

If it was not ethical then legal action should be taken to ensure that these individuals are held accountable for the ethics and possible criminal investigations should take place IF they did what it really and allegedly looks like they did.

In PA the Supreme Court of the USA could find out the truth.

But will they or will they just sit back and watch the end of this nations ability to govern by the consent of the People.

The Amistad Project has alleged that private corporations purchased the machines that were used in the 2020 election.

Is that even legal?

Should private corporations be paying for voting machines that are used by voters ?

That is just beyond anything we have ever seen in this nation.

But state officials and other officials keep saying that there is nothing to see but when you see this video you will see what the truth actually is all about.

Is it legitimate that massive sums of private money goes to election boards in only certain areas and very small amounts of money goes to other areas of a state?