The Truth is not a spoon full of Sugar…

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When you look at what has happened in regard to what many consider to be a sham investigation, you have to figure out just how dysfunctional we now are at this time.

This is why we as a nation are in such huge difficulty.

The summary of a summary of an interview.

Trey Gowdy is Amazing…

You can see how this guy looks that something is wrong…

His face is red, he looks embarrassed because he cannot answer with any seriousness the questions that he is being asked.

The reason why he is getting grilled like a salmon on a spit is that his organization has become political and they are delaying and stone walling.

Its ridiculous and offensive to the intelligence of America that we have this for our protection, this is our law enforcement ?

Stating the Congress cannot obtain paperwork about an investigation into criminal activities, in which congress has written law that has been broken  but not enforced.

That is failure

That is shameful