The Real Crisis

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Breaking news…

An attack has been carried out

New York terror: At least six dead after ‘gunman’ mows down crowd in Halloween attack

This is the real Crisis that Americans are facing…

Not the Fake Opioid Crisis, that we have all seen implied by the media.

The real problem we face is that you’re not safe.

When you refuse to name a problem like illegal street drugs such as heroin and synthetic street drugs that are causing deaths in the hundreds every day and instead focusing on prescription pain medication as the problem you are doing your nation a disservice. 

The situation here is dire and it is a serious problem however this idea that prescription pain medication is the problem is ignorant and downright stupid.

Why is this happening?

The most logical explanation is that this “War on Drugs 2.0” is being focused on prescription drug’s because it is a war that “They” feel like they can win.

They believe that if they combine all drug related death’s and label them as a “Prescription Medication Problem” then they can declare victory eventually.

This is false and it is reckless behavior that does not deserve to be mentioned in a news story where the truth is not being told.

The truth is a simple one.

All heroin deaths and illegal street drug deaths belong in their own category.

Where more than two drugs which are illegal are then combined with a prescription drug results in death that is not a prescription problem that is a street drug problem and no amount of spin or media hype is going to change that.

We have an illegal street drug problem not a prescription problem.

Granted there are naturally some instances where a problem exists however what is happening here is that there are some patients that have a legitimate medical problem where prescription medications are beneficial and those patients are not taking street drugs.

What is happening even right now is that there are numerous “Pain Management” Centers Opening all across the US and why is that happening?

Another Logical Answer, they are looking for the Billion Dollar US government payout and these “pain Medication clinics” will suck up that money and nothing will change.

Those people who cannot get pain medication the legal way because it has become Socially incorrect to take pain medication will turn to the streets for drugs.

Not all of them but many of them and that is what is currently creating the problem that we are seeing right now with illegal street drugs causing deaths.

They plan on winning the war on prescription medications at the cost of the patient and the doctor.

Most doctors are afraid to treat their terminally ill patients with pain medication even though they have sworn an oath to “Do no harm” they simply are finding it is easier to classify a patient as a long term pain management patient.

This is wrong yet even the CDC has not “bothered” to classify pain medication deaths where heroin and other street drugs were the main cause of death, they simply combine them into one statistic.

This is also very wrong.

As scientists and doctor’s they are obligated to do the right thing.

Yet, they have not done the right thing in this instance and that really makes you wonder if you can really trust them to do the right thing when it comes right down to the street.

Today, we saw an attack on new york.

An attack on Americans, an Attack on freedom.

This is the real crisis not a fake news opioid crisis that has no basis in fact and is not scientifically supported.