The party of no is no longer the republicians it is democrats

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You know something if the democrats spend half as much time as they spend developing talking points that make so sense at all, like the recent “Party of No”  thing, when you look at this video you can see just who is the party of no is, and it Aint the republicans.

Check out how dumb these people are they call them selves YT, but really they are not that smart or bright at all.

So what is up with that, I mean the liberals talk about how they are so smart, but you see when they start doing this, kind of thing where they say they are for the people of the US but in reality, they are the ones that are saying No, to tax cuts, or tax breaks, see how crazy this is, I mean you would really have to be stupid to believe this kind of garbage that these little small minded liberals in the video.

Looks like to me that the people trying to say no here is liberals not republicans, but is that not right out of the play book of liberals, what ever they say, the opposite is likely and allegedly actually true.

So if they say republicans are the party of no, then it is likely that they are really the party of no and look at this video it really tells the truth.