The media must be terrified?

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Why is the News media so Scared?

There is no other explanation other than they are terrified that everything they are trying to do is not going to work.
They are terrified that all that negative press coverage of Trump is not going to work the way they wanted it to work.

When you think about all this you have to begin to consider just how biased and unfair it is that the media want to tell you not only how to vote but what to do in your own homes, where to shop, what kinds of clothes you should wear, what you should or should not be thinking in your own mind?

What will happen next.

These are the things that you night think would be the subject of a Twilight zone Episode.

  You watch the simple minded bobble heads as they recite what they are required to say on TV, (benefit of the doubt) 

The simple truth is something far more disturbing…

IT would appear that the Media are actively campaigning in this election as well as several of the last few elections.

They are participating…

This is not just a few rouge employees this is a concentrated effort to destroy an election that is powered by the people.

But the problem is that the Media believe that they are smarter than you are and that you don’t really know what is best for your children or your family so they are going to try to convince you of your error.

One thing that seems so very difficult to understand here is that this is not the function of the press or the media.

This is not what the constitution provides for the press.

This is a betrayal of the publics trust.

This is not freedom of the press this is oppression of the people by the Press.

Why should the american people continue to watch these biased and often deceptive news programs when they refuse to cover the real election.

The answer is just stop watching them. 

Every time you see a biased report, every time you hear one of those bobble heads use a psychological title, such as

(Can Trump Really Win) 

(Trump is fighting an uphill battle)

(Even with all the thousands of people that show up for Trump Rallies) 

You can easily identify the bias in this type of so called “News” coverage.

Every day the news from PBS to ABC and even FOX news is all the same its going to be negative its going to suggest that Hillary has already won the election before the election has even taken place.

That friends and folks is EVIL.


It is wrong…

The only way to defeat the corrupt and EVIL media is to get out there and vote.

Watch the Polls with the correct authority and permission from the right authority.

Participate in this election because the Media are certainly going to do everything they can to turn it toward the candidate they want.

The only problem that the media currently have right now is that it is not the candidate that the rest of the voting public want to vote for.

76 percent of Americans want something different.

This presents a huge issue for the Corrupt Media. 

IF you want to show the media just what you think about their feeble efforts at mind control, Vote, don’t sit at home, get out there and vote.