The End of the Second Amendment?

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Are we watching as the second amendment is about to be gutted by a bunch of gutless cowards pretending to uphold the sworn duties which they promised while holding their hands on the Bible?


Seriously people if you are not aware of what is happening in Washington while the news coverage focuses on Fake News by Fake people and Fake Reality; Then you are part of the problem.

There are so many excuses “well, there is not much I could do anyway…”

The idea is that they can pass some kind of law that is not already in place that will “Magically” transport us back to the year 1950 when most people did not lock their front doors at night.

Hard to imagine in these days and times is it not?

That is because only a fool would leave their door unlocked even in the day time much less at night.

This new Gun Law Bill that is making its way through congress is not going to do anything but deprive lawful citizens from their rights under the constitution.

This will not stop criminals from breaking the law.

This will not stop anything bad from happening.

The reason why this will not stop any of the problems that we have in this nation is apparently beyond the grasp of our law makers.

The apparently do not realize that there is no such thing as an assault weapon…

They do not understand that you can now print a gun.

That you can make your own magazines.

What if we just band all digital printers…



Ok, this is how things work in Washington DC.

They create a bill that bans all use of digital printers to create guns or images of guns.

The bill passes and everyone cheers and congratulates themselves on what a great thing they have done for humanity.

No one bothered to read the bill they just passed it and did not notice that there was a provision in the language of the bill that fined any person that violated the digital printing act.

Local governments and state governments realized that because congress is so stupid that they did not bother to understand what the bill was that they passed that they could legally fine every business in town that operated a Digital printer.

Local city governments fined businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars which all came into the local government bank accounts.

They voted to give themselves a raise.

Fictional yes, funny no.

Here is the problem we have a failure of the authorties to take responsibility for its own local problems.

So, the Federal Government in the form of congress decides that they need to ban guns…

They need to ban ammunition…

They need to limit what you can do with a gun. . .

They need to ban all gun modifications.

They need to ban all guns…

But it was a failure of the local authorities to do what they should have done to prevent this tragedy from happening and it was a failure of the local authorities to protect the lives of school children…

IT was a failure to take action.

But our Congress is going to ban the second amendment…

Are they really that STUPID…?

IF congress does not realize that the answer to preventing tragedies is in local enforcement and authority taking action then we have no hope to survive as a nation at all.

We are Doomed to repeating the same errors over and over again because we our leaders are just too stupid to take the right action to protect our kids.

What should the people do?

Vote them out?

Why when our election system is so corrupted that other nations are copying the “Democratic election system” so that they can manipulate it just as our leaders are doing right now…

I have supported President Trump all the way…

When people laughed at him and said he was a joke I supported Candidate Trump.

When the media made fun of his candidacy.

I supported Candidate Trump…

When all the other republican candidates made fun of candidate Trump

I supported Candidate Trump . . .

When the Media said that there was no way that Candidate Trump would ever become the republican nominee.

I supported Candidate Trump.

When the Media and the GOP tried to keep candidate trump from becoming the nominee…

I supported Candidate Trump…

When the Media and the GOP started to make noises about how they might replace Candidate Trump with another pick that “might be able to win the election”

I supported Candidate Trump. ..

When the Media said that Candidate Trump could not win the election and that he should resign…

I supported Candidate Trump.

When the Media said that Hillary Clinton was so far ahead of candidate Trump that he could not win under any circumstances.

I supported Candidate Trump.

When the Media came out with Polls that said that Hillary Clinton was 8 to 15 points ahead of Candidate Trump.

I supported Candidate Trump.

WE could go on and on and on with examples of how the media and the GOP have fought this president and that would not even begin to describe what the DNC has tried to do with the fake Robert muller investigation into collusion that really should be the muller investigation into conspiracy to over throw the president of the united states of america.

WE could even discuss the truth that is it allegedly possible that Muller could possibly be participating in treasonous activity.

But that would not stop any criminal from first obtaining a gun and then using that gun to do bad things.

None of those things would or could prevent these types of horrible tragic situations from happening.

So, in all good conscious reality…

I can not support President Trump in his decision to support any bill that materially changes the second amendment through regulation and law.

Let me say that again…

I CAN NOT support President Trump in his decision to support any bill that materially changes the second amendment through regulation and law.

Simply because the gun control bill does not address the cause of the tragic events in Florida.

repeating for those that perhaps may not well understand what this means.

The gun control bill does not address the cause of the tragic events in Florida.

The only thing that could have stopped the tragic and horrible loss of life in Florida was the authorities and the law enforcement officers that were called to the residence of the alleged shooter and life taker thirty nine times.

39 Times

The local authorities were at this mentally ill persons home…

They took no action that would have prevented this tragedy. . .

They were there in this mans house.

They were there and they did nothing.

But our congress believes that we should have all these new gun laws that restrict and unconstitutionally take away the rights of law abiding citizens?

That is the answer?



The only way that you can prevent these things from happening is by creating enough security at schools that armed assailants cannot breach the security of the schools.

Secondary should be the authorities that find problems that exist in the local communities.

These are real world methods that work.

But we have a Media that are pushing a political agenda that apparently our President is fine with. . .

That is a big problem and it is a problem that is not going away by passing an unlawful congressional bill that will not do anything to stop gun violence.

Nothing …

WE need to grow up as a nation and take the responsibility of our failures.

Not pass laws that will do nothing but take one step closer to disarming the public in favor of state run dictatorship.

Sound like a bad action movie plot?

That is because that is how ignorant our congress actually is these days.

But you have a unique opportunity to change all that.

In this years election…

You can make a difference by voting against anyone that supports this gun bill.

Yes, our election system is dishonest but they can only cheat a little when the people stand up and take action to prevent our leaders from becoming tyrants then that will create such an upheaval that even the cheaters cannot cheat enough to stop the will of the people.

If our president is really for the people.

He will take the right actions and not support gun control that has failed and will continue to fail in every meaningful way for eternity and beyond.

The past does not change when repeated.

Only an insane person believes that repeating the same actions over and over again results in different future outcomes.