The coming Crisis will it be averted?

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It may seem hard to understand why democrats want to make the mistake of stopping the only thing in the last two years that may actually work to help the economy and improve job creation.

If they do not want help the US then what do they want to do?

Are there people trying to destroy the US economy?

Is it possible to stop the danger?

How can we manage to avert the crisis?

Most experts are saying that we are in a crisis, unlike the hysteric’s of the first year of this latest administration, crisis crisis crisis, well we are about to face a crisis one that most experts feel could be stopped if only congress would agree to do so.

Yet, for some reason, the hope and change is apparently just run out.

So, will congress act, as they have in the past, but this time could they act in the best interest of the American people instead of unions and special interests.

That would not only be nice but needed.