Terrifying moments for victim of home invasion …

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This story is like watching a horror movie like we see on TV or Streaming services but with one big difference for this woman it was all real.

AN Albuquerque grandmother had to live through a nightmare to protect her 4 year old granddaughter from the ultimate horror movie experience one that has caused great harm to this family.

It all started months earlier when Joseph Rivera, 32 was found by police passed out in a vehicle.

Reports indicate that Rivera has previously been charged with burglary and other charges which he was repeatedly released.

In fact five times he was let go and failed to appear in court but was let go time and again leading up to a car chase by police.

After police used spike strips to disable the car he was in Rivera fled on foot and evaded police yet again.

It was then that Rivera can be seen on video walking (calmly) toward the house of the Victim and her 4 year old granddaughter who were watching a Taylor Swift movie.

This created the stuff that horror movies are made of but this time it was all real.

The moment a movie becomes real life horror.

What could have happened to this woman and her grand daughter if she had not been armed with a gun?

It became obvious that the man likely would have done exactly what you often visualize on horror movies and while this woman is on the phone with 911 (AFTER) she gave the man the keys to her car and offered to give him money and do anything he wanted so long as he did not hurt her or her granddaughter this man leaves the house heads to the car but does not leave?

No he does not leave…

He goes back to the house and (she has locked the door) she is on the phone with police 911 and she now has a gun…

The man breaks into the home by kicking in the door…

She can be heard begging him to stay back but he advances on her in a small hallway in her home.

There is an ironic moment in the video where she makes the statement “this can’t be happening where are the police?”

The police as good as they are and as much as they want to help you often cannot get to you before something bad happens that is just the way it is.

It takes time for the police to get to you and to help you and as we have seen in the news time and time again it is often too late to help.

This woman shot the home invader and let’s face it the guy deserved it.

He had the keys to a SUV but then decided that he was NOT going to leave.

What did he intend to do?

Whatever he wanted to do and that included kicking in the door as he continued to do what you only imagine by watching a horror movie but this time for this woman it was all too real.

We often hear about how some authorities want to make it impossible to own a gun for protecting your family in your own home from people like Rivera.

They say that the police can protect you but as much as they want to protect you often they just cannot get to you in time to prevent the most horrible things from happening.

This reminds us of the dangers of lax courts that release prisoners who go out and commit more crimes often the same day as they are released.

Over and over again city after city people from all over the United States face a horror movie coming true and sadly what happens is often the worst thing you can imagine. For this woman the worst possible thing happened, then she defended herself and her grand daughter with a gun.

She had no choice…

The judge that released Rivera did have a choice.