term limits why we really need them now.

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One of the problems with Washington is that once most of these politicians get a position in congress they don’t want to leave.


For some reason once a majority of these professional hypocrites gets in office you can’t get them to retire.

They don’t want to quite.


Free health care, Great Pay, the best food and free travel all over the world?

Sounds good, I can imagine that most of the rest of the US would love to have a “cushy” job like that.

The truth is likely more interesting were it known to the general public.

Keep in mind that we understand the idea here that a sickness is a sad thing and it is true that many do become senile and sometimes disease progression disables people.

But the real question here is why don’t we have term limits to protect the rest of America from these people who are risking the future of this nation and the future of our children.

We must have term limits to prevent this from happening.

Why is that?

Because they will not do it themselves.

They apparently cannot do the right thing.

This goes for both republicans and democrats.

(Funny thing here is that the republicans said that “This is not going to happen” )

Congress is full of corrupted individuals who make more money than 90 percent of the rest of America.

90 percent.

That is insane.

That we as a people allow this kind of stupid corruption.

When will congress do the right thing and begin to govern this nation?

They likely will never do the right thing.

So, this is why the people are demanding term limits.

We must have term limits to prevent dishonest and corrupted individuals from corrupting this nation through ignorance and greed.