The End of America?

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Are we looking at the end of this once great nation?

Is the last American President to be George W Bush?

Will America be destroyed by the first multi racial president?

It seems likely if the now President Obama wants to be elected to a second term, that he is going to have to do something other than piss everyone off, I mean the list is literally growing every day, one of the first things he did was to return the bust of Winston Churchill which by the way was not “His” to return…  When you see things like this going on you have to wonder, if the proper amount of Respect is actually a part of this administration.

 He will be known not for health care reform but for Bowing to the world. . .

But it is not over yet, he could follow the example of President Bill Clinton, move to the middle and work with the house to develop a plan that will work to get back into the job of being a great President, Bill figured that out.

If President Obama, truly wants to win a second term he will have to stop being anti Christian.

So far the list of people that this president has pissed on and pissed off is a huge list.

Catholics, Birth Control
Hispanics, (operation Fast and Furious)
Military, by changing the way chaplains engage the soldiers, (a tradition of the Armed forces hundreds of years long, even from the First American Revolution) (Amazing when you think about it, the shear arrogance required of a man to do this.)

Military, DOMA, Dont Ask dont tell… (which by the way was working very well, thanks Bill for that)

Gas prices, 
(we could have had as much energy as we needed but failure was what happened and now we see the result in High Gas prices)

Jobs, (Failure)

Stimulus (Failure)

Poor, (what has he done for the poor?)

Homeless, because of banks that repossessed homes.

To be honest I do not know how he could manage a second term…



He follows the example of Bill Clinton, and works with the house to do some amazing things.

1. Pass a fair tax,

2. have a Tax Amnesty, with favorable terms, to the debtor. 

3. Allow student loans to pay back the original principal without interest.

4. Pass a $#%^$%$ Budget

5. Pass an amendment that the Federal Government shall not spend more that it takes in.

6. Fire Eric Holder.

7. Stop trying to defy the Constitution of these United States of America

8. Pass Campaign finance reform.

9. balance the budget…

10. Get the Bust of Winston Churchill back and apologize for his insensitive gift to the Queen.