Tea Party

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It appears that the Tea party now has to also fight alleged bias at Fox news too, with words being used like “tea party activists” used in the fox and friends show, which allegedly may not be so friendly to the tea party, what is up with that, at least on one instance Gretchen used the word supporters, thanks Gretch, that is appreciated.

It just seems so odd to Americans that support this party, that the media is all allegedly against them.

The media hates the Tea Party?

So after weeks of Media Bias and all kinds of smear campaigns from the left, the Tea Party is doing better than ever, in fact with Sarah Palin endorsing more canidates that are genuine conservative in both thought and nature it seems the attempts of the left to hurt Palin will have failed.

So now it appears that the tea party is now the target of liberals, in fact it is rumored that liberals, are behind the latest binges of alleged attacks by the ACLU and other liberal organizations which apparently have become the alleged pawns of large cash rich liberal organizations.

This is a real problem because it appears to observers that people are getting used in particularly bad ways.

Why do people allow themselves to be used in this way?