Tag: World War

  • Going to War?

    Are we about to start another World War? It seems as if there are some serious issues that are impacting the world. The use of chemical weapons, hundreds of thousands dead, civil war, no clear understanding of who is who… The truth may be more difficult to understand than we thought.

  • Traitors in the Media?

    Did CNN and other Media reporters, deliberately allow themselves to be used as human targets and or shields? A few months ago there were some reports that some reporters placed themselves in a dangerous position later some reporters lost their lives and others were abused. We have all heard reports of possible WMDs and the…

  • U.S. Russia nuclear arms treaty

    Ok, people the whole MADD, thing has worked well since World War ll, and while in some ways it is interesting to consider this however, in every way that really matters it is really a very stupid thing to do. First, and no offense to our comrades, over in that part of the frozen planet…