Going to War?

Are we about to start another World War?

It seems as if there are some serious issues that are impacting the world.

The use of chemical weapons, hundreds of thousands dead, civil war, no clear understanding of who is who…

The truth may be more difficult to understand than we thought.


Traitors in the Media?

Did CNN and other Media reporters, deliberately allow themselves to be used as human targets and or shields?

A few months ago there were some reports that some reporters placed themselves in a dangerous position later some reporters lost their lives and others were abused.

We have all heard reports of possible WMDs and the possibility that they might be used against the people of Libya.

With thousands reported dead, including allegedly hired mercenaries, who used sniper positions from rooftops to murder innocent civilians in an attept to silence the opposition to the current Dictator in office, who has been known to participate allegedly in mass murder incidents.

Is the media protecting Mass Murders?

In the past would this not be an act of Treason? If this were World War ll would there not be accountability?

Why are the media allowing themselves to be used as human targets and how long will it work before someone dies?

What will the reaction be at that point?

We have soem serious problems going on and there could be a severe reaction in the stock market in the morning.

What will happen next.


U.S. Russia nuclear arms treaty

Ok, people the whole MADD, thing has worked well since World War ll, and while in some ways it is interesting to consider this however, in every way that really matters it is really a very stupid thing to do.

First, and no offense to our comrades, over in that part of the frozen planet called Russia, really no offense at all.

But and please correct me if I am wrong, but for what possible and logical reason would anyone ever consider doing this.

First, there is the very real problem with what is to be done with the so called “disposal” people no one is this stupid unless it is those people in the senate I guess, but here is the thing that really gets me, and it should really get you too.

What happens if and when some of those arms that should be disposed of ends up sold to the highest bidder, (huge money there)

So you see it now right, this very thing that the so called smart people are convinced we have to do or else, (wait, or else what) did I miss something?  Are we at War?  Is there some compelling reason that we need to have a treaty?

Or is it just an excuse to say see look what we did.

This is where it gets ugly, what if the unthinkable happens, what if a threat ends up here in this nation, it will be forever remembered who voted for this treaty, because once they find out who did this and where it came from, (the result of a stupid treaty that was not needed and was only done for political favors) then every person who voted for this thing will have effectively committed treason by participation in this treaty that might allegedly allow a threat to make its way from a safe storage facility to some very unfriendly people and our shores.

That is what seems so ignorant to me, are these people in congress and the senate, really selling us out to the Federation?

I mean, how crazy is it when we think that they will do what they say, I mean sorry and again no offense at all, but this is stupid.

Russia’s lower parliament house could ratify the New START nuclear arms reduction pact with the United States by year’s end and possibly as early as Friday, leading Kremlin-allied lawmakers said on Thursday.

Sounds like a spy novel right?

Well fiction or not, it is a danger and it is really strange to see what one might consider to be intelligent people making bad decisions.