weiner should he resign

The question remains, should wiener resign and seek mental help?

Should he run for the senate?

You just never know I guess, but it just seems strange to me.

One thing that should be considered, is the mental anguish that this situation is putting on what is obviously a man that is somewhat unstable, just as the world watched in fascination as Charlie Sheen seemed to be self destructing, the thing is with what does appear to be an unstable personality such as mr. weiner, we hope that his friends will keep an eye on him to make sure that if he needs some help he gets it.

In fact, he would not be the first congressman that had to enter rehab, just a thought.


The gentleman is wrong

This is what we have in congress, this is what you wanted…

did you do this sir or not, Man up or be a Wiener, (allegedly)

I find this typical of what many democrats allegedly think about what it means to be an American…

It is really insulting, to watch this kind of drama on TV, is this really the best that the voters of New York can do?

The smartest crowd, the most elite that New York has to offer?



Wiener gets grilled?

Ok, now this is just getting a little ridicules, if this were a republican the guys picture would be all over the place, and he would be asked to step down, but the good ol double standard, steps in to save the day.

This is Amazing stuff folks, this time we suspect and allegedly most other people feel the same way.

This gentleman is wrong…

When you see how allegedly crazy this guy is do you wonder about him and how he can be making important decisions,


The end of NASA?

Today we watched as what could be the last Ever US based Launch of a Space Mission, which many content is yet another Hope and change based “mistake” that Washington is making in regard to depending on foreign Powers to take care of our space needs in a time that many consider to be critical to our future both in terms of our ability to remain a global power and our military interests all around the globe.

It is an amazing thing to consider that after today we may be dependent upon Other nations, to be able to launch a Satellite.

Just imagine what would happen if for instance Russia just refused to allow the NSA to launch a communications satellite in the future.

What would we be able to do to replace an aging system that needs to be replaced?

Nothing, if the liberals in Washington have anything to say about it and apparently America thinks this is the kind of Hope and Change that will bring America back from the Edge of disaster There are just so many situations where we cannot depend on other nations, (often that hate us) to keep our Nations security above their own security, we have already seen that Russia does not want to co-operate with us at all, so is this what America needs, is this the kind of hope and change you voted for?

Is NASA dependent upon a Wiener…