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  • Democrats fail 25 to 30 seat loss in the senate?

    With headlines, like Washington goes to court to stop state from protecting itself from thieves, murders, and drug dealers. Will the democrats loose it all over ignorance? Some polls are showing that the democrats are sure to loose a huge percentage this November, due to one mess after another, and all the spin in the […]

  • Oil drilling is back on, washington over reaches?

    Did Washington over reach by trying to allegedly, shut out the oil drilling which supports thousands of americans in a time where jobs are very much needed, this is puzzling to us, mostly because of all the PR surrounding the jobs issue it seems to be so far away from the reality, safe yes, destructive […]

  • Rand Paul Wins Huge victory

    The Tea Party is beginning to pick up speed, regardless of what the liberal biased media have said, This is a big deal, this is a referendum on the Liberal, agenda, Even republicans are not safe… We are not going to put up with politics as usual, were sick of it, watch as both democrats […]

  • Are we all racist now?

    Texas is balancing the books on the liberals and the biased text books they have been allowed to distribute for more than ten years, read this book and then you will know the truth. Today we heard a familiar battle cry the cry of the wounded liberal, when ever someone does not agree with them […]